About PST

Prescription Support team is a charity organisation that has been set up by 2 friends Jo & Helena.

The organisation has been established following their own experiences with side effects, withdrawals and long term treatment of prescription medications such as opioids, SSRI’s, SNRI’s, benzodiazepines, over the counter and online medication.

PST firmly believe that it is each individual’s responsibility to have some knowledge and awareness when beginning a medication, whilst taking a medication and indeed, stopping a medication….PST can support you with that.

Through both personal experience and speaking with medical professionals, we have found that very little support exists for people who use, are dependent upon or wish to begin or taper a prescription medication.

We  hold peer led support groups around Cardiff providing a sounding board, problem solving and an opportunity to check in on how PST members are feeling and the issues we face not only relating to prescription medications but regarding everyday life.